Membership of the Cultural Centre Townsville

To become a member of the Cultural Centre – Townsville you must be acknowledged as a member of or be associated with one of the following community groups:-

  • Wulgurukabba
  • Bindal
  • Torres Strait Islander
  • or a non-traditional owner group.

Members of the Cultural Centre – Townsville agree to contribute actively to the primary activities of the Cultural Centre.

An annual membership fee of $10 is required to become a member.

  • Membership application forms can be completed at any time and lodged at the Cultural Centre – Townsville with your membership fee.
  • All applications for membership must be accepted by the Cultural Centre’s Board of Directors.
  • A letter will be issued to all new members once their application is accepted.
  • Membership registration expires on 30th June each year.

If your membership is not renewed before the 30th June a full membership application must be completed and endorsed by the Board of Directors.

Members of the Cultural Centre will receive regular newsletter updates and invitations to Cultural Centre events. Members will also receive free entry to many Cultural Centre events and some discounts to retail items sold in our Retail Shop. (not including artworks)